The eye, undoubtedly, is one of the most important part of the human body. Conjointly with the importance of the eyes which ranges from vision down to all we use our eye for, the eye is also delicate and must be seen as such.

It’ll have been a nice alternative to have any of the domestic animal’s eye replace ours when ours are bad but it’s a No! The human eyes have its own specificity and hence, cannot be replaced by other things save a fellow human pair of eyes.


With technology, it should be known that the eye transplant is possible as much as the head transplant is.


Knowing the eyes are delicate and fragile, as earlier said, it should be treated with much care.


One of the major ways of keeping ours eyes safe is to always be cautious of looking straight into a beam of light (UV light) . Stop the buffoonery of who can sustain bright light rays the most; it affects the eyes a great deal.


Also, always look out for warning signs of changes in your vision. Visit a Doctor as soon as any slight change is seemingly observed even if you’re not sure if it’s changed or not. Better still, you can always visit a Doctor at regular interval, say twice in a year, so as to keep a check on your vision.


Furthermore, balanced and healthy diet should never be far from you. Countless studies has it that antioxidants reduce to a great extent cataracts. And, basically, antioxidants are obtained by eating colourful vegetables and plentiful fruits.


Smoking too should be avoided to a great extent. I understand that smoking makes you feel good but just remember while you’re feeling good, you’re losing one other part of your body in addition to your lungs – your eyes.


If all the above things are put in place, your eyes should be in good shape and at that, you possibly won’t be needing a Doctor. But to be on the safer side, visit a Doctor today!