How to go about Solar Panel system installation on your roof


Knowing that Installing of a Solar panel system in our homes needs a good location where it would be able to receive enough sunlight for recharging, and that the best location for it is on the roof. There arises a need for us to be careful enough not to lose a covering over our home in a bid to install Solar panel system. Solar Panel is good, but when its installation causes a leak in our roofing, it becomes bad.

Yes, I’m aware that it may appear somehow to know that installation of Solar panel system can affect our roofing but it is very true! The roofing materials we have these days are not those which can not break easily. They can. In a bid to improve technology, some of our widely used materials have become very fragile. While it is good that we’ve successfully achieved less weight with these materials which in turn makes it easy for us to carry and/or convey from one place to another, it’s also true that this fragility has made it delicate and liable to demolition more than ever before. Hence, more care is needed in handling these materials. The roofing materials are no exception here. Consequently, we must note the following;


  1. The Solar panel installation must be done under the monitoring of a man old enough to point the attention of the installer to paying attention to the roof. This can either be daddy, or the eldest Son.
  2. The Installation should preferably be done in the daylight. Works on the roof no matter how short the time frame is, should be duly postponed till the next day. This is to safe guard the roof from damage.
  3. A renowned Solar panel system installer should be employed. By this, I mean that his experience will be able to pay off and help facilitate optimum result