Ensuring Safety in the Kitchen

Kitchen safety is paramount. The bathroom might be the part of the house where people have the most accidents, but the kitchen is a close second. Given all the sharp things there, it’s probably a good idea to cover how to be safe while preparing food.


The first step is in making things safe for children and pets.


Of all the people in the household, it’s kids and small animals that are most likely to get hurt. They run around without much concern for what’s around them, and that means they might knock over or bump into things. Unless the kid is learning how to cook, they don’t belong in the kitchen.


Be sure to keep things like knives secure, in places kids can’t reach. This doubles for anything heavy that can be moved or anything that makes heat.


Space things out, so there’s room to move without bumping into things. Measuring your kitchen helps with this since it gives you an idea how much you have to work with.


A renovation to add a little extra space could be good. Whether you tear down walls or make adjustments suited to the available space, adding more room can help your workflow, too.


Here’s another quick tip. Stir food away from the body. Splashes and ricochet can sting and burn.


What you wear can help keep things safer for you, too.


Don’t go into the kitchen barefoot. Wear good, sturdy shoes in the kitchen. You never know when you might slip or accidentally drop something. That will hurt if it lands on your feet. If it’s a knife, you might even be injured.


Don’t wear long, flowing sleeves either. Those can end up catching fire. Synthetic clothing, in particular, can be dangerous because it melts on your skin.


Take your time and don’t rush. If you rush, you forget things or not notice significant details.


Clean up all stains as soon as they happen. This isn’t just about keeping clean. A stain can cause you to slip and injure yourself, so getting rid of them as soon as the cooking allows is integral.


If you’re getting a renovation, consider removing any sharp corners or angles.


Even if they’re in a high-up cupboard or countertop, these can still hurt. You might still bump into them, for instance. Removing them can help reduce accidents and injuries. While you’re doing this, making overheard storage less “pronounced” can cut down on people’s heads hitting them.


I think you’re better off having a surface that reduces the chance of slipping.


If you’ve got smooth ceramic tiles, that looks nice. If it gets wet, then you’re at the same amount of risk slipping as you would be in your shower. While the look of a rougher surface might not be to your liking, there are ways to get smooth surfaces that won’t cause you to slip.


As you can see, there are many ways for you to make your kitchen safer. A more secure kitchen is a happier kitchen overall.